BY SFUMATO ART STUDIO – 31st July 2020

Being safe and still following our dreams! Oleg is our new student here at Sfumato, he said that he found his ‘dream place’ here in the studio. We are so happy to meet amazing students like him! He is enjoying the classes and discovered that he has amazing skills!

BY SFUMATO ART STUDIO – 21st July 2020
Our lovely client Bee always had the desire to paint, during the lockdown she had some time and decided to give art a try, now she discovered she has amazing skills!
“I am thrilled to bits that Patricia thinks I have the talent” – By B.
BY SFUMATO ART STUDIO – 16th July 2020

We are so happy to be part of this amazing magazine!

BY SFUMATO ART STUDIO – 15th July 2020

New students discovering the ‘artist’ inside them! We are so happy to be back and to have new students after the lockdown, so many amazing people wanting to have a new hobby and trying new experiences!

BY SFUMATO ART STUDIO – 10th July 2020

Sometimes we take our students to parks for them to try and learn to paint landscapes and try new skills. They love it, and we have so much fun! Always good to try new experiences and to know how limitless art can be!