With a mix of creative freedom, classic and contemporary methods and techniques, both studio lessons and ambiance were especially designed to inspire the artist that lives within us. Students of all ages and stages will be encouraged to develop their artistic skills through the learnings of:

Main styles and techniques

While enriching your knowledge about the academy (the classical painting style of the old masters) and the contemporary’s abstract painting, you will learn and practice the following techniques:


This one inspired the name of our studio, and it comes from the Italian word “fumo”, which means “smoke”. This is the technique that refers to oil painting, when colours or tones are blended in such a subtle way that they melt together without any trace of transition, lines or edges.

Alla prima

A straightforward process in which painting and its effects are done in a single session.

Fat over Lean

A thin paint used in the early stages of painting, to cover the whole canvas with ink. Then, the last layers can be covered with an effusion between flax seed oil and turpentine or just “fattening” flaxseed oil.


When the work is done on transparent layers and the chromatic effect is obtained indirectly, by combining these layers.


Impasto is a technique used in painting where a paint (particularly oil) is spread over an area of ​​the canvas, or even across the canvas, so thickly that the marks of the objects used for painting are visible on the surface.


When the oil painting is applied with a brush or spatula in large quantities, and it becomes a paste with a butter consistency.


Basic to intermediate

1x week

4 classes/month


2x week

8 classes/month


3x week

12 classes/month


4x week

16 classes/month